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The National Agricultural Research and Development Institute (NARDI) is a Research Technology Organisation (RTO) under the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA). It was established as a company limited by Guarantee in January 2015 under the Botswana Companies Act of 2003. NARDI was formed to merge the operations of the Department of Agricultural Research (DAR), National Veterinary Laboratory (NVL) and National Food Technology Research Centre (NFTRC), in compliance with Presidential Directive CAB 4(A) 2011 of February 2011.

Mission & Vision

NARDI aims to increase the contribution of Agriculture to Botswana’s GDP by improving utilisation of agricultural produce and natural products; fostering inclusion and knowledge transfer initiatives; and providing innovative solutions and adaptations to climate change, yield improvement and commercialisation of agriculture across Botswana’s Agro-Ecological Zones. Overall, the Company has a vision to be a renowned transformative agricultural Research and Development institute, and a mission to generate innovative solutions for the agricultural sector.

Agro Ecological Zones

Involved in harvesting season.


NARDI Mandate

NARDI is set to engage in high quality, innovation-intensive and needs-driven research and development; as well as commercialisation and technology transfer activities across the agricultural value chain, to benefit consumers, farmers, industry, government and science. The Company is configured to carry out its work from decentralised, cluster-focussed, commodity-based specialised Research & Innovation Centres; Testing and Diagnostic Laboratories; Field Stations; Experimental Sites (R&D Ranches & Farms), Technology Test-beds, Agri-business Incubation Centres and Technology Spin-Offs around the country.
Eco Farms
Special Equipment
NARDI Research centre

NARDI operates along key research thematic areas focussed on: