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The mandate of the R&D is to coordinate planning, manage and control research and development, foster technology development and innovation in all aspects of crop production, animal production and health and food science, maintains the overall quality of the Institute’s research and development activities, facilitates the adoption of NARDI research, and ensures international recognition of the Institute as a world Leader in agricultural research and development, innovation and technology.
The R&D division advances the following;
i) Establishment and implementation of internationally recognised research standards and procedures.
ii) Development and implementation of research programme in accordance with Board priorities and Institute objectives.
iii) Initiation of research projects which enhance the reputation of the Institute and contribute to the development of the agricultural and food processing industry and utilisation of natural resources.
iv) Recognition by the international agricultural research community as a world leader in research and technology.
v) Adoption of Institute processes and products by traditional and commercial sectors to contribute to food security and nutritional well-being.
vi) Training and Development of Staff.